bringing fresh perspective

to established harmonies

Voxfire's upcoming album represents a novel collaboration across ten centuries between artists, genres, and technologies. In 13 tracks, words and music from the chapels, courts, and countrysides of medieval Spain and France travel forward in time to share the limelight with contemporary jazz, rock, folk, and classical music. Each song inhabits its own sound world, enhanced by computer processing, loops, and the latest in recording studio techniques and effects. 

With this production, DePinna and Garren bring their mastery of traditional and non-traditional instruments, synthesizers, and computer processing to Voxfire’s latest explorations. Their accomplished skills as composers and arrangers further augment the ensemble’s signature focus on medieval song — now elevated and expanded by modern harmonies and probing textures — transporting the listener to a multidimensional world that celebrates the timeless beauty of this art form. 

For this album, Voxfire is excited to be working with Grammy Award winning producer, Peter Rutenberg, and to be joined by guest artists HITOMI OBA and JENS KUROSS.


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